About Us

Jerome Abood, CCIM

Broker/Owner at Abood Commercial • East Lansing, MI



Experienced and demonstrated history of working in the commercial real estate industry. Skilled in a Negotiations, Development, Project Entitlements, Sale/Leasing, Brokerage, Landlord/Tenant Representation, Transaction Facilitation, Construction, Financing. Strong professional with CCIM Designation and Law Degree.

Abood Commercial Real Estate

Abood Commercial is a full-service Commercial Real Estate company comprised of the best and most experienced real estate professionals in the industry. At API we consistently strive to be the leading source for Developers, Buyers, Sellers, Landlords and/or Business owners in the Mid Michigan Market.

We are students of the market and are constantly learning and adapting so we stay ahead of market changes.

Abood Commercial was formed out of the vision that our company can service our clients in all facets of Commercial Real estate while using the latest innovative technologies to pair your needs to the market supply whether on market or off market.

We consider ourselves a Marketing company in the business of doing Commercial Real Estate. The same old approach that has plagued commercial real estate is what we are devoted to changing. We understand the necessity to change and adapt rapidly to our market as it changes and be ahead of the curve to make sure our clients can capitalize on our ability to inform them of the market.

Just as industry knowledge is imperative to making our clients successful, an equally important aspect for our brokers is our corporate culture. We are dedicated to remain team oriented regardless of how big we become.

Our open door policy of sharing properties on and off the market, distributing helpful information and disclosing tools and tactics to make our brokers successful in directly and positively affects our business and ultimately creates and atmosphere that has an abundance mindset. This plays a vital role in the way we then represent our clients making sure they are treated the same way. Commercial Real estate is serious business but it doesn't have to be dreary, our brokers enjoy what they do and it shows.